Highest Level of Sterilization for the Safety of Patients in Delhi

The Dentaris follows the highest level of Sterilization in Delhi. We adhere strictly to the disinfection and sterilization protocols for infection control. We follow the standard Four Tier Sterilization Protocol for non-disposable instruments. Techniques involve Ultrasonic Cleaner which cleans all the instruments and treats them chemically prior to use. Then they are put into disposable packets and heated in an autoclave to for sterilization.

Some important points that we care about while sterilization process are; cleaning instruments prior to sterilization as dirty instruments can’t be sterilized properly, then they are rinsed and dried well. All the instruments are inspected and then packaging of the instruments which is done in clean zone.

The entire process ensures the standard of care for patient safety. Following the above methods, it destroys or removes all microbial infective life forms. We take patients’ safety very seriously and to ensure it, we make it a point to follow proper sterilization protocols.

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