Best Dentist in Delhi NCR

Dental implants refer to the process of inserting artificial metal tooth or posts in the place of teeth or into the gap between them. These metal implants are positioned into the missing root of teeth in the jawbone. Dentists use titanium implants due to its ability to fuse with the bone, called osseointegration. But it’s not an easy task since our jawline is sensitive and risk is not worth taking. Thus, Dentaris has a team constituting best dentist in Delhi NCR

Replacement of missing teeth can be done by Dentaris’ best dentist  in all situations.

Single Tooth Replacement:
Single missing tooth can be replaced with an implant root to which implant crown is attached. Dental implant surgery quickly replaces a natural tooth and its root preserving the integrity of all adjacent teeth. These artificial replacements look and act almost like natural teeth.

Fixed Multiple Tooth Replacement:
Dental Implants in Delhi NCR can help you have multiple missing teeth , implants can be used to make implant supported bridges.

  • Stops the bone resorption process
  • Much comfy and stable than partial dentures
  • Maintain rigid jaw line and the integrity of the facial structure is maintained
  • The gum line stays intact – not eaten away by metal clasps
  • Restore natural biting and chewing capacity
  • No issues with adjacent natural teeth
Best Dentist in Delhi NCR

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