How to Prevent Tooth Sensitivity?

In current times, most people suffer from tooth sensitivity. It is also known as dentin hypersensitivity. The symptoms occur when you eat or drink anything cold or hot, sting of pain travels through your teeth and gums, and sometimes the pain is excruciating.

Team of qualified dentists at The Dentaris are highly helpful in providing effective sensitivity treatment in Delhi. It is treated by applying special gel or by doing fillings , which makes a protective cover over the teeth. Avoiding very cold, very hot and spicy foods is helpful. s Brush your teeth gently and clean them properly. Mouthwash after every meal also helps. Dodge citric and aerated drinks. Sugary foods damage tooth enamel and cause severe pain. Dairy products, broccoli, nuts and almonds are rich in Calcium content and prevent teeth from getting damaged.

Maintenance of oral hygiene to avoid sensitivity and regular visit to dentist for treatment are keys to healthy teeth.

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